By John Eggerton, Multichannel News, 9-16-20

The Senate Judiciary Antitrust Committee weighed into the online advertising market Tuesday (Sept. 15) with an emphasis on the 600 pound gorilla in that space and whether it has exerted its power over anticompetitively, as critics have alleged. The tenor of the hearing was telegraphed in its clever title, which posed its indictment in the form of a question: “Stacking the tech: Has Google harmed competition in online advertising?”

The answer, Committee Chairman Mike Lee (R-Utah) said, “matters.”

Don Harrison, president of global partnerships and corporate development, for Google was on the hot seat, but showed up to take the punishment as one of the key witnesses.

Lee worked with ranking member Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) on setting up the bipartisan hearing. » Read More