The Media Institute is a nonprofit foundation specializing in communications policy issues. The Institute exists to foster three goals:

  • Freedom of speech.
  • A competitive media and communications industry.
  • Excellence in journalism.

Founded in 1979, The Media Institute pursues an active program agenda that encompasses virtually all sectors of the media including print, broadcast, cable, satellite, telecom, digital, and online services.

The Institute publishes issue papers and policy analyses, prepares regulatory filings and court briefs, convenes conferences, and sponsors the Communications Forum Luncheon Series in Washington for journalists and communications executives. The Institute is also the founder and coordinator of Free Speech Week, an annual event celebrated every October.

The Media Institute is regarded as one of the country’s leading “think tanks” focusing on the First Amendment and communications policy.

The Institute is an independent educational foundation and is not affiliated with any other organization. It is not a trade association or lobbying group. The Institute is independent in its choices of programs, issues, and policy positions.


Meet Our Team

Richard T. Kaplar

President & CEO

Susanna Coto

Director of Public Events