The Media Institute is a nonprofit research foundation specializing in communications policy issues. The Institute exists to foster three goals: freedom of speech, a competitive media and communications industry, and excellence in journalism.

Founded in 1979, The Media Institute pursues an active program agenda that encompasses virtually all sectors of the media including print, broadcast, cable, satellite, telecom, digital, and online services.

The Institute publishes books and monographs, prepares regulatory filings and court briefs, convenes conferences, and sponsors a luncheon series in Washington for journalists and communications executives. The organization has evolved into one of the country’s leading “think tanks” focusing on the First Amendment and communications policy.

The Media Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Day-to day operations are carried out by the staff from offices in Washington, D.C. The Institute is governed by a Board of Trustees, and advisory assistance is provided by a  First Amendment Advisory Council.

The Institute receives financial support from foundations, corporations, media companies, associations, and individuals. The Institute is neither a trade association nor a lobbying group, but is an independent educational foundation unaffiliated with any other organization. The Institute is independent in its choice of programs and issues, and in the positions it takes on those issues.

The Media Institute does not possess an endowment, and thus depends on the generosity of its contributors for operating support, on grants for special projects, and on revenue from the sale of publications. Contributions are tax deductible according to law.

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