2022 Communications Forum Speakers

Below is a list of the representatives from government and the communications industry who have been featured speakers at The Media Institute’s Communications Forum luncheons:

May 17, 2022, Luncheon Speaker

FTC Commissioner Noah Phillips discussed the Federal Trade Commission’s growing interest in rulemaking and regulation, prospects for federal privacy legislation, merger activity, and issues related to Big Tech at a Communications Forum virtual luncheon on May 17. He took part in an engaging “fireside chat” with Media Institute Chairman Dick Wiley, covering a multitude of issues affecting businesses and consumers.


April 26, 2022, Luncheon Speaker

Michael Powell, President and CEO of NCTA – The Television & Internet Association, offered his thoughts on a wide variety of topics including the health of the industry, infrastructure buildout, and Net Neutrality during a “fireside chat” with Media Institute Chairman Dick Wiley at a Communications Forum virtual luncheon on April 26. He addressed issues affecting broadband providers, cable operators, streaming services, and consumers.


March 9, 2022, Luncheon Speaker

News Media Alliance President and CEO David Chavern outlined the current state of the news industry and the challenges of achieving fair compensation from Big Tech platforms for online news content during a Communications Forum virtual luncheon on March 9. He noted that the “strategic heart” of the news industry is now digital, and that the audience for news is bigger than ever.


February 15, 2022, Luncheon Speaker

NAB President and CEO Curtis LeGeyt discussed the legislative and regulatory priorities of the National Association of Broadcasters during the season premiere of the 2022 Communications Forum Luncheon Series. Topics included the gatekeeping function of tech platforms, the need to modernize broadcast ownership rules, and the economic impact of new FCC regulations. The event took place in virtual format on Feb. 15.