Free Speech Week

Free Speech Week (FSW) is the country’s premier event celebrating free speech and a free press. Initially created in 2005 by the Media Institute and the National Association of Broadcaster’s Education Foundation, the goal of this annual, non-partisan, nationwide program is to raise awareness of the value of free speech in our democracy.

Formerly known as National Freedom of Speech Week (NFSW) the name was changed to Free Speech Week in 2012, though the concept remains the same. Now independent, FSW is not the property of the Media Institute, though the Institute does continue to promote FSW and maintain the FSW website.

As freedom of speech and expression are not “owned” by any particular ideological group or political party, FSW is intended to be a unifying celebration with no policy or lobbying agenda.

Instead, as a right shared by all Americans, anyone and everyone can celebrate FSW. Organizations of all types and individuals that believe in freedom of speech are encouraged to participate and are free to celebrate any way they like.

FSW takes place the third week of October. This year it will be held October 21-27, 2019.

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