By Gary Arlen, Broadcasting & Cable Online, 3-11-20

Policymakers “need to take a fresh look at existing allocations of spectrum, including the allocation of spectrum to broadcasters” to determine if “that spectrum is still needed by the broadcast industry or if it is better used in other areas,” said Jim Ciconni, senior executive VP of AT&T at a Washington think tank event.  Criticizing 50-year-old government policies, Ciconni also pushed for re-examination of the spectrum reserve that is hoarded by federal agencies, especially the Defense Department, that could be reassigned or shared for commercial purposes.

Claiming that the “government put its thumb on the scale” when it gave TV operators so much spectrum, Ciconni argued that, “It’s time to take a fresh look … at the geographic monopoly bestowed by the government” to broadcasters, whom, he charged, are not fulfilling the obligations of their licenses – especially since they rely on MVPDs for much of their distribution and revenue.  » Read More