By John Eggerton, Broadcasting & Cable Online, 4-23-19

Newly minted Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg (pronounced “buddah-jedge”) said that antitrust law “has begun to hit its limits” with regulating Big Tech, which may need shaking up or even breaking up. He said that law “was not designed to handle some of these tech companies.”

Buttigieg was participating in a marathon town hall CNN conducted Monday night with five of the Democratic candidates, a number of which have also taken aim at Big Tech, most notably Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.), who has outlined her plan to break up Facebook, Amazon and Google.

“We’re going to need to empower the Federal Trade Commission to be able to intervene, he said, including blocking or unwinding mergers, in cases where the government concludes the effect of a tech company’s conduct is anticompetitive, “even if it can’t be directly applied to pricing because you can’t see it in the form of pricing because the pricing is free.”  » Read More