By John Eggerton, Broadcasting & Cable Online, 7-12-17

Verizon joined the ISP internet day of advocacy chorus for legislation clarifying the FCC’s broadband regulatory authority.

That came in a blog post from D.C. senior VP Will Johnson.

As were other ISPs, Johnson/Verizon applauded the passion of those taking part in the day of action. But Johnson said that the issue has for years been mostly about slogans and rhetoric that did not result in internet protections.

“Like those participating in the Day of Action, Verizon supports the open Internet,” he said.  “But it is important to distinguish agreement on a goal from honest debate on the best means to achieve that goal,” he added.

He cited the fake news that bad actors are looking for ways to spread online.  “We suspect most of the groups taking part in the Day of Action – would vehemently disagree with regulating Web sites like public broadcasting stations as a way of addressing the issue. Right goal, wrong approach.”

Johnson said it was the same with the Title II push. Right goal – a neutral internet – wrong approach: imposing 1930s regs on ISPs.  » Read More