By John Eggerton, Multichannel News, 2-25-22

The head of the Consumer Technology Association said Friday (Feb. 25) that it stood in solidarity with Ukraine and was fully behind the Biden Administration’s export controls on communications equipment.

“The invasion of Ukraine is a tragic and illegal assault on the people and independent nation of Ukraine and an attack on democracy,” said CTA President Gary Shapiro. “We call on Russia to stop its attack and end the needless loss of life and human suffering. As an American trade association, we believe in the power of democracy and the recognition of duly elected leaders. We applaud those who took to the streets in Russian cities to peacefully demonstrate against this action by their government.”

As to the export sanctions meant to pressure Putin to stand down, Shapiro said: “The Consumer Technology Association fully supports tough sanctions on Russia. We will inform our members to comply with the new export controls issued in response to Russia’s actions. CTA is committed to serving as a resource for the administration during implementation.”  » Read More