Participated in an amicus letter (with the Reporters Committee and other amici) filed with the Supreme Court of California in Ukraine Relief, et al. v. Gurzhiy.  We participated in this case previously in the California Court of Appeal.  The case concerns three allegedly defamatory articles published by Gurzhiy’s online news outlet, The Slavic Sacramento.  Both the trial court and the Court of Appeal held that the California Retraction Statute did not apply to The Slavic Sacramento, finding that Gurzhiy failed to meet his burden to show that his online outlet publishes news at least once a week.  The amicus letter urges the California Supreme Court to grant the petition for review. The letter argues that the Court of Appeal erred in finding that Gurzhiy failed to meet his burden.  It also argues that the Court of Appeal’s holding imposes a significant burden on smaller, online, and foreign-language news outlets.  [2022]