By John Eggerton, Multichannel News, 11-29-21

The House Energy & Commerce Committee has lined up Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen as its lead-off witness for a Dec. 1 hearing–“Holding Big Tech Accountable: Targeted Reforms to Tech’s Legal Immunity.” – on legislation to curb social media sites’ immunity from civil liability over third-party content. That’s according to a just-released list of the Democratic witnesses. No Republican witnesses were listed.

Haugen created quite a stir on Capitol Hill in a testimony in which she revealed internal Facebook research showing the company knew its Instagram platform could be harmful to some teens….

Wednesday’s hearing will feature two panels. Panel one leads off with Haugen, former Facebook product manager, followed by Rashad Robinson, president, Color of Change, and James Steyer, founder and CEO, Common Sense Media.  » Read More