By John Eggerton, Multichannel News, 6-8-21

The FCC has officially restored the deregulatory media ownership order adopted by the Republican majority under former chairman Ajit Pai, a decision reversed by an appeals court before that reversal was reversed by the Supreme Court. But the FCC is also seeking comment to “update the public record” on media ownership for the next quadrennial review of those rules as mandated by Congress.

That could give the Democratic-controlled FCC an opening to re-regulate broadcasters if the record suggests to them that is necessary.

But for the time being, the rules preventing newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership and radio/TV cross-ownership are eliminated, as is the rule making TV joint sales agreements (JSAs) attribution as ownership. The local TV and radio ownership rules are reinstated, as are the standard for eligible entities and the incubator program, both diversity related measures.  » Read More