By John Eggerton, Multichannel News, 5-17-21

President Joe Biden has rescinded former President Donald Trump’s May 2020 Section 230 executive order on online censorship (order 13925 on “Preventing Online Censorship”),  which was targeted at social media sites Trump had long argued were biased against conservatives and his administration.

The current president has his own issues with Section 230 (candidate Biden told The New York Times it should be revoked), but the Trump effort was clearly not the way he wants to approach the issue, which is still hot, though the effort to enlist the FCC as a regulator did not go anywhere.

Trump’s May 28 executive order enlisted the Federal Communications Commission in trying to weed out alleged censorship of conservative speech by labeling it “deceptive” and thus a violation of an online content provider’s terms of service.  » Read More