By John Eggerton, Multichannel News, 12-23-20

Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), fresh off the passage of his bill that would make illegal streaming a felony in some cases, has introduced a discussion draft of major copyright reform legislation that has computer companies fuming and studios gently applauding.

“The Motion Picture Association commends Senator Tillis and his staff for their work in seeking to address the shortcomings of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA),” the Motion Picture Association of America said of the draft.

Tillis billed the draft (for a summary, click here) as a landmark effort at reform rather than “tinkering around the edges” and invited comment, which he will surely get, from ” all interested stakeholders – large and small, individuals and companies, YouTubers, and independent creators” by March 5.

The draft is the product of a host of hearings in 2020 on the DMCA and input from creators and distributors of copyright works, online service providers, public-interest groups, and academics,” MPA pointed out in calling the draft a “first effort to find harmony among their many conflicting views.” » Read More