By John Eggerton, Multichannel News, 10-29-20

In his last speech as an FCC commissioner, Michael O’Rielly took aim at another Trump Administration proposal – a government-issue 5G network.

O’Rielly is having to leave the commission because President Trump withdrew his nomination, a move most believe stemmed from the commissioner’s criticism of the president’s effort to enlist the FCC in regulating social media – O’Rielly has declined to speculate on the reasons for his abrupt turn of fortunes after being nominated by the President for a new, five-year term.

In a speech this week to a virtual meeting of CTIA, the wireless association, O’Rielly slammed a proposal being floated by the Administration to create a government-backed wholesale 5G network….

O’Rielly said that would definitely be the wrong direction to go – he was obviously preaching to the choir when it came to opposing a government–backed network that would compete with the private sector. » Read More