By John Eggerton, Multichannel News, 9-25-20

Tech companies are not happy with President Donald Trump’s executive order (EO) prohibiting government contractors, which obviously include many tech companies, from providing diversity training that “suggests America has a racial inequality problem.”

In a blog post, Jason Oxman, president of ITI (the Information Technology Industry Council) said the tech industry ITI represents was “deeply concerned” with the order and the message it sends about systemic racism.

“Fostering inclusion for individuals from historically marginalized communities is one of the core values of ITI and the greater tech industry,” Oxman said. “We know our industry has a long way to go in terms of addressing the harms of systemic racism. However, at a time when Americans are seeking racial justice more than ever, this EO instead attacks our broadly shared values and risks undoing real progress toward building racial equity in the tech industry and America writ large.” » Read More