By John Eggerton, Multichannel News, 8-17-20

Law firm Cooley LLP has broken out the ways that the NTIA petition, if acted on by the FCC, would impose “sweeping changes.” For one, its requirement that websites disclose their moderation policies would subject edge provider content to the FCC’s authority for the first time. It could also affect review sites, gaming sites and online advertising.

Cooley broke out the wide ranging impact of the petition this way:

“Protection against liability for third-party content would be available only when an interactive computer service (such as a website or app) failed to remove information provided by a third party. Under the proposed rules, a provider that solicits content, chooses third-party content for its site or promotes third-party content to its users would lose its immunity. This could mean that there would be no immunity for advertising or for content that was recommended to users through a preference engine. » Read More