By John Eggerton, Broadcasting & Cable Online, 1-8-20

TEGNA, which owns 62 TV stations in 51 markets across the country, is teaming up with global nonprofit First Draft to train all its journalists in identifying disinformation online and helping viewers do the same.

TEGNA is also expanding its Verify fact-checking initiative, adding regional fact-checkers to better “provide transparency into the reporting process and authenticate topics and news submitted by viewers.”

“As we head into 2020, providing trustworthy news and information remains our highest priority,” said Ellen Crooke, VP of news, TEGNA, in announcing the initiative.  “Journalists are trained to search for the truth.  Today, they must also be highly skilled at identifying false information and understanding how best to stop the spread of that information.  News consumers are demanding transparent, trustworthy content and they want help in deciphering what is real and what is false in their social media feeds.”

The First Draft-led training will begin this month and include: 1) live simulations, 2) digital investigation techniques and tools, 3) ethics and principles of reporting on disinformation, and 4) access to First Draft’s CrossCheck initiative connecting journalists with experts, researchers, and others.  » Read More