By John Eggerton, Broadcasting & Cable Online, 12-9-19

With billions of political ad dollars on the line, broadcasters are working hard to make sure a new FCC ruling does not take even a little bite out of their share of that likely record political pie.

At an NYC Television Week panel in New York, Kantar’s Campaign Media Analysis Group VP and general manager Steven Passwaiter said he expected the broadcast, cable and digital take from the 2020 election cycle to be a “relatively mind-blowing” $5.7 billion, with local TV expected to be the biggest beneficiary by far.

That is one of the reasons why broadcasters want the FCC to loosen up when it comes to the reporting requirements for political ads, rules they say could lead to them having to turn down political ad dollars.

The reporting obligation stems from the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, but the FCC has discretion in how it interprets the requirements in its rules implementing that law.  » Read More