By John Eggerton, Broadcasting & Cable Online, 5-7-19

National Telecommunications & Information Administration Administrator David Redl said the country needs to change its approach to spectrum policy.  One way to do that, a new national spectrum strategy he is helping implement, should be out soon, he said this week.  But he also said another big change is not to view the competition between satellite and terrestrial spectrum users as a zero sum game.

“[O]ur current approach of piecemeal, band-by-band spectrum policymaking is not sustainable.  The opportunities are drying up and it is an inefficient process that too often devolves into a zero-sum game,” Redl told the Satellite Industry Association in a speech in Washington May 6.

President Donald Trump has charged NTIA with helping develop and implement a National Spectrum Strategy, including reaching rural areas “desperate to get online.”  Redl said that should be out sometime this summer.  » Read More