By John Eggerton, Broadcasting & Cable Online, 5-10-18

The FCC has hitched enforcement of network neutrality, primarily by the Federal Trade Commission, to the promises and business plans ISPs outlined in new reporting requirements the OMB approved May 2, at least for a period of three years.

According to a Federal Register notice being published Friday (May 11), the FCC said the effective date will be 30 days after that publication.

The Restoring Internet Freedom Order eliminates the rules against blocking and throttling, which ISPs are pledging not to do anyway, and paid prioritization, which is a grayer area and a debate that continues to rage inside and outside the Beltway.

Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, who voted against the order, signaled she was not pleased.

“Today, the FCC gave notice that net neutrality protections will be taken off the books on June 11,” Rosenworcel said in a statement.  “This is profoundly disappointing.  The agency failed to listen to the American public and gave short shrift to their deeply held belief that internet openness should remain the law of the land.  The agency turned a blind eye to serious problems in its process – from Russian intervention to fake comments to stolen identities in its files.

“The FCC is on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of the law, and the wrong side of the American people,” Rosenworcel added.  » Read More