By John Eggerton, Broadcasting & Cable Online, 12-14-17

ISPs, free marketers and other fans of the FCC’s Dec. 14 net neutrality rule rollback had plenty of nice things to say about the FCC and the Republican majority that overturned the rules approved by the previous Democratic majority. (The vote was strictly party line, with the Dems having no fun and dissenting sharply.).

The FCC voted to reclassify internet access as an information service not subject to common carrier regs, and to eliminate the rules against blocking, discriminating and paid prioritization. ISPs have pledged not to do most of that, promises the Federal Trade Commission can enforce. That, suggests fans of the move, will be sufficient to keep the ‘net open without chilling investment and innovation, as they argued the Title II-based 2015 Open Internet order did.

That applause was in stark contrast to the dark vision painted by net neutrality activists.

“Today’s FCC action rightly restores the light-touch approach to government regulation of the internet that has fostered the development of a vibrant, open and innovative platform,”said Michael Powell, president of NCTA-The Internet & Television Association. » Read More