>>Ajit Pai Charts the Future

Ajit Pai Charts the Future

FCC chairman Ajit Pai has pledged to roll back regulations he believes are wasteful or will cause unnecessary hardship, including rules that keep broadcasters from competing more aggressively in a world of media choice.  Pai, a Republican FCC commissioner since 2012 who was named chairman by President Donald Trump in January, has been accused of being on a mission to dismantle Democratic predecessor Tom Wheeler’s legacy.  Pai, though, says that his goal is to deliver value for the American people and that community-centric broadcasters are central to his consumer-service mission.

The 44-year-old Pai has already generated some heat in the broadband world by rolling back regulations governing privacy and the Internet.  In broadcasting, he has already restored the so-called “UHF discount,” which gave UHF stations an ad vantage in tallying reach, and is eyeing other media-ownership rules, including the 39% national ownership cap.  » Read More

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