Stuart N. Brotman To Coordinate Program Activities

FOR RELEASE: August 25, 2020

Contact: Richard T. Kaplar
The Media Institute

Arlington, Va., August 25, 2020 – The Media Institute today unveiled a new program designed to bring clarity to key issues at the heart of today’s digital revolution.  The Digital Media Center will examine issues in the digital realm in ways that illuminate a path forward for innovators and policymakers alike – offering a post-pandemic perspective on key digital issues.

The announcement was made by Institute President Richard Kaplar.  The Center’s official launch date will be Aug. 27, coinciding with a Communications Forum virtual luncheon event featuring TMI Distinguished Fellow Stuart N. Brotman.  He is the author of Privacy’s Perfect Storm: Digital Policy for Post-Pandemic Times.  Brotman will coordinate the program activities of the Digital Media Center.

The Digital Media Center will address an evolving menu of issues at the heart of discussion among media executives, tech company leaders, IT professionals, data users, academicians, and government policymakers.

“Core issues” will include privacy, cybersecurity, online advertising, content moderation, and digital trust.

Digital Media Center activities will further three key goals:

  • Serve as a forum for bringing together professionals from different fields for discussion and the exchange of ideas in a climate of mutual respect.
  • Define issue parameters by identifying areas of agreement and disagreement, differing value structures, and differences in preferred outcomes.
  • Approach issue resolution with a presumption in favor of American democratic values that include capitalism and free markets, freedom of expression, and the rule of law.

“The Digital Media Center is an outgrowth of today’s rapidly changing media landscape, where digital technology and policy occupy ever-increasing amounts of ground,” said Richard Kaplar.

“With the benefit of Stuart Brotman’s expertise and innovative approach, the Digital Media Center will allow The Media Institute to bring its unique perspective to the digital world while continuing to address issues affecting all media and telecom companies,” Kaplar said.

The Media Institute will seek financial support for the Digital Media Center from a range of companies and organizations having an interest in digital issues, with an emphasis on tech companies and those involved most directly.

The Media Institute is a nonprofit foundation working to advance sound communications policy, freedom of speech, and excellence in journalism.  For more information, visit the Institute online at

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