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These studies may be read online by clicking on the titles below.  If you would like a printed copy, please call 703-243-5700.

Net Vitality: Identifying the Top-Tier Global Broadband
Internet Ecosystem Leaders

Based on five years of research by Harvard Law School faculty member Stuart N. Brotman, the Net Vitality Index is the first holistic analysis of the global broadband Internet ecosystem, identifying the United States, South Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom, and France as the top-tier leaders.  Professor Brotman’s composite metric takes into account 52 factors in assessing the major categories of applications, devices, networks, and macroeconomic factors.  The study notes that innovation and investment are the most important factors in promoting competition and achieving Net Vitality.  [April 2015]

The Net Vitality Index In Detail
This is a companion collection of detailed data used to develop the Net Vitality Index released in April 2015.  This report provides substantial background and additional context for the Net Vitality assessment, which identifies five countries leading in their development of a robust broadband Internet ecosystem.  Professor Stuart N. Brotman compiled the detailed data released in this report for the benefit of scholars, researchers, and policymakers who desire an in-depth look at the metrics used in assessing the broadband Internet ecosystem capabilities of countries around the world.  [July 2015]