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Common Carriers / Electronic Publishers

Ameritech Corp. v. U.S. [1995]

Filed an amicus brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit arguing that the lower court erred in failing to subject the cable television-telephone company cross ownership ban to strict judicial scrutiny. The Institute argued that the video programming ban is subject to the highest level of judicial scrutiny because it prohibits protected speech on the basis of its content and discriminates among members of the press. [1995]

Ameritech Corp. v. U.S. [1994]

Filed an amicus brief in U.S. District Court arguing that a statute prohibiting telephone companies from providing video programming in their service areas is an unconstitutional content-based and speaker-specific restriction on free speech. The Court concluded that the ban violated the telephone company's right to free speech. [1994]

Petition for a Declaratory Ruling and Related Waivers to Establish a New Regulatory Model for the Ameritech Region

Filed comments with the FCC supporting Ameritech's petition for an inter-LATA service waiver. [1993]

U.S. v. AT&T (triennial review of the Modification of Final Judgment)

Filed a brief in the District Court for the District of Columbia as intervenor in the triennial review of the AT&T divestiture agreement requesting release of the line-of-business restrictions on BOC entry into electronic publishing and programming. [1987] Filed a second intervenor's brief before the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals concerning the constitutionality of those same line-of-business restrictions. [1989] The district court gave the RBOCs limited approval to provide new information services but denied them the permission to generate the information themselves. The D.C. Circuit remanded the case without reaching the constitutional issue.

Freedom of Information Act Fee Waivers for Representatives of the New Media

Filed comments with the federal Office of Management and Budget concerning the availability of FOIA fee waivers to non-traditional media representatives. The purpose of the proceeding was to establish guidelines for federal agencies in administering the Freedom of Information Act and its 1984 amendments. [1987]